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Boot Camp for Kids
Parents with children that suffer from Mental Health Issues such as depression, manic behavior and physical injury issues, as well as Learning Disabilities such as ADD and ADHD, often have a double dose of problems when their child gets older. Many parents turn to boot camps for kids to help their child become focused and back on track when they exhibit substantial problem behaviors.

It is recommended by health professionals that children that suffer from these issues live, and eventually work, in structured environments. Boot camps for kids offer a short-term program of discipline and structure. The kids boot camp environment allows for no deviation from the daily tasks and chores, which a child experiencing Mental Health or Learning Challenges may respond well to in the short-term.

Relieving a child from the conflict and issues at home and school is an important step in addressing problem behavior associated with not only being a child, but also with their specific health challenges. Participating in a kids boot camp removes the child from the crisis environment and provides the child with the necessary stability and clear understanding of what is expected from them each day. A boot camp for kids helps the troubled child to focus on what is expected of them and simplifies or eliminates the need to make choices.

Although the boot camp for kids may have a short-term positive outcome in behavior modification, the Mental Health and Learning Disability issues will remain. Without proper Therapeutic treatment, these challenges will not be addressed, and therefore will not be minimized, which is necessary for the child to live a satisfying and productive life. A child must not only learn to respect others and respond to authority, they must also learn to understand their own Health challenges and how best to overcome them. Boot camps for kids are typically not designed to address these issues.

Unlike a boot camp for kids, it is only in a Therapeutic setting that children can address these health issues and be treated in a manner that is geared toward their unique challenges. Children placed in a kids boot camp will indeed be trained to respond to direct orders and adapt to the hierarchal system, but will not help the child to deal with, or understand, their own Health challenges. These children do have a critical need for a structure, but it is essential that a program also include a strong Therapeutic component that will directly address the health issues. In addition, to be effective, a program should also provide the child with a strong academic program and guidance.

It is critical that the parent and child understand that although the Health issues may contribute to a child's frustration, the Health challenges are not caused by the child. Most boot camps for kids have no facilities or specialized personnel to effectively monitor and medicate the child as needed to ensure the child has ample opportunity to achieve their potential in both the short and long-term. Therefore, kids with Health Challenges, a Therapeutic Academic Boarding School (link going to featured school) for troubled kids is better prepared to help the child much more that a kids boot camp.